Early Tales

There are times when you go through your photographs; you wish you hadn’t shot them. And when all you have been doing is just shooting some harmless, innocent kids, it hits you even more. It’s a learning experience. On hindsight, I can say that the first time I felt the presence of a concept called Lensing was after one such session.

I realized I was far from being comfortable with my subject of the day – children. My comfort level was in fact reflected in the choice of the lenses that I was using, I was happily using tele lenses and shooting them from a distance, a very impersonal distance. It took time, but as I slowly got to know them better, I realized I had started using more of my wide lenses. I was much closer to my subjects now. The distortion of the wide lenses just made my smile wider.

Early tales – and not in any particular order